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Control Panels

GDL Electrical Contractors Ltd are specialists in design and construction of control panels, Three phase to single phase. We have a wide range of panel’s already in production but we are able to design any control panel to any specification to meet any of your needs/requirements. All control panels come with a 3 year parts guarantee.

Ventilation Panel

Our ventilation panels are designed to use a climatec CLT2 to control 4 stages of ventilation. They are designed to be linked to any fan panel, this is done via an analogue to digital converter. The panel features an automatic side which is controlled via the fan panel stages. It also features a manual override which uses a simple open and close button to control the ventilation motor. Even with these features, these panels can be adapted to any application you require.

Nest Box Alarm Panel

Our nest box alarm panel are an important addition to any automated farm, alerting you to when the nest boxes don’t open to avoid floor eggs, they will also alert you if the nest boxes don’t close. They are made to link in to your current enviromental alarm system and are made very simple to use. The only setting that needs adjusting is the independent time clock which should be set to the same as the nest box opening and closing times. There’s a 10 minute delay to allow the boxes to fully open/close.

LED Control Panel

The LED control panel is designed to be used with the Greengage induction LED lighting system, also can be altered to control any other type of system. These control panels currently have a Greengage dawn to dusk (DTD) controller fitted as the time clock and brightness adjustment. With an addition Manual/Off/Auto switch.

Fan Panel

Our fan panels are completely customisable for any application, from number of fans to heater controls. We can also include ventilation controls in to the fan panel. Our fan panels are designed to use a Climatec CLT1 controller to control the automatic side (temperature controlled). These panels use a simple to use 3 position switch for a Man/Off/Auto control. Each fan has an independent breaker and contractor to avoid multiple fan failure during an equipment failure.

Winch Panel

The winch panel is designed to be a simple motor control box with an addition of limits to avoid winch motors going too far and causing unnecessary damage. These also have a thermal overload with a fault light on the front of the panel, to provide motor protection. They feature an up and a down button with LED lights.

Egg Conveyor Panel

Our Egg conveyor panel is designed to be completely customisable to your system of conveyors. These panels a control switch for each conveyor with a dial for speed control. They can also be linked with a egg packer so that the packer can stop the conveyors from over loading the machine. 

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